Sunday, April 12, 2009

Endless Flow

I was always intrigued by this concept and it has guided me thru all my life. On and Off the ice. That is why I love watching the ocean , besides the view being spectacular(especially when you add a sunset to it)…

That is what I always tried and still try to create on the ice. The blade allows us to create endless flow thru the gliding. BY itself it does not create endless flow. Every part of you has to be fluid (mentally and physicially)

There are many levels to this. Right now I want to stay with the physical. All the small muscle groups have to be educated . You need the awareness to feel what you are doing during movement and motion. (kinesthetic awareness) then you need

Balance – agility – flexibility – strength and endurance in all the muscles (large and small groups)

After you understand body alignment it takes lots of work and persistence. You must educate your body so it becomes a precision instrument of movement and motion .

Then you can add your creative side and become the artist that you could be with the right mental understanding ,toughness and willingness to work at it.

Everybody that has been willing to do this and has reached the level of being “in flow”, will tell you that it was all worth it!!!

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