Sunday, March 17, 2013

Our involvement in the movie "November Ice"

Dear loving supporters of Pennies In Action ®,
One of our spokesmen for Pennies In Action ®, Producer William Thibodeau’s new film “November Ice” has created a storyline bringing direct attention to the wonderful work that Brian Czerniecki MD, PhD has done in creating the breast cancer vaccine. Please join us in our support of their film by visiting  This movie expects to raise well over ONE MILLION DOLLARS that will be given to PENNIES IN ACTION ® supporting Brian Czerniecki's MD, PhD research.
Their storyline will amaze you with several profound messages. First and foremost, most dear to our hearts, their story line brings attention to Pennies In Action ® by announcing between periods that Internationally famous figure skater, Shepherd Clark, known as the world jewel artist, will carve an angel in the ice and paint one of his famous Jeweled Oil Paintings that will be auctioned and sold with all proceeds going to Pennies In Action ®.
 The film will be featuring the creation of our very own home team The Los Angeles Lasers, which is home to our main character Bobby “Viz” Vizniowski.
Check out the project to see it grow, and monitor the progress we are making for such a wonderful organization!
For the Films Synopsis click below:
So once again please join me in following their movie on
Thanks and God Bless,