Saturday, April 11, 2009

appreciation and the power of a smile

To be appreciated is the greatest need of all human beings.
Nobody wants to be taken for granted and we want to be appreciated for what we do , accomplish and who we are.
It seems so strange to me, we want to get the appreciation, but have a difficult time to give it.
It is really true, whatever you want , give it away and it will come back to you 100 fold over. But this is not a ping pong match. It is giving with no strings attached.
The getting back does not usually come from the same source. So the main thing we should be getting back for giving is appreciation.
I remember one morning going to the rink, I felt depressed. I had to get gas and the attendant at the station had the greatest smile ,some kind words and really cheered me up. When I got to the rink I was in a cheery mood and tried to have the same effect on people I saw . I have been trying to do this now for many years, to try to brighten up some ones day. I do remember telling the man how much I appreciated his smile at that very moment. What he got was my appreciation, but he has influenced many situations in my life that brought a little sunshine into situations, that might have been otherwise pretty gray.
Try to notice these small gifts in your life, appreciate them and then share them with others. My Motto has always been, when in doubt smile….
Please tell me about situations in your life, where a little kindness went a long way.


  1. Wellie, wellie, well! A smile can brighten up your day. It's also a most powerful weapon to overcome people who are grimly determined to see the world as a mess (which in fact it is!). Nevertheless, there are some human beings amongst us, who don't even see the beauty in a child's face.I myself, I'm always trying to look at the happy creatures dancing on the lawn in order to keep sane.

  2. thank you so much for your comment. I hope many others see the beayty and power in smiles

  3. I'm afraid I'm not really very optimistic about that, despite Obama and Monty Python's Flying Circus. It seems to be easier to stick to well-known behaviors of the dark ages.