Thursday, November 25, 2010


picture: Ann Fonfa, Shelley Dodt and me

All my life I have been a competitor and all my life I LIVED TO WIN

Going to Championships and Olympics was amazing and participating in all those things as a skater and coach over the last 40 years was incredible.

Then I was confronted with cancer…

All of a sudden everything changed.

I realized in this situation you have to WIN TO LIVE.

Never rang the words of Vince Lombardi more true

“Winning is not everything it is the only thing !!!!”

Please check us out at and join the ever growing army of crusaders to win this big one…

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and remember the ones that passed….

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Lots is happening

Watch these videos about the research:

1.Very human side of 2 brilliant scientists and watch how serious they get when they talk about the breast cancer vaccine…

2.A tribute to Ursula Koldovsky Ph.D life. She succumbed to pancreatic cancer October 18th 2010