Sunday, December 14, 2014

Letter from Brian Czerniecki MD PhD

Dear Friends

We just got a beautiful endorsement letter from Dr Czerniecki and his team. We can be so proud during this holiday season of what we have accomplished together !!!! But this is just the beginning. We are keeping our promise to Ursula Koldovsky PhD that we will help this over the finish line.
We hope we can count on your continued support and please tell your friends about this amazing anti cancer break thru.

With my warmest regards

Support from Pennies-in-action
Uschi Keszler’s Pennies in Action support three clinical trials administering vaccines to patients with either early breast cancer ductal carcinoma in situ or those with invasive breast cancer that are HER-2 positive and have significant risk of recurrence. These latter two trials have enrolled 8 patients with a waiting list to start well into summer 2015. These trials will probably both complete by early 2016. Despite numerous attempts to obtain funding from Komen, the Department of Defense, Avon Foundation, NIH and numerous other funding agencies have felt these trials are not worth funding despite our significant success in early breast cancer. To date Pennies in Action raises all the funds to support these trials that today offer hope and promise to patients and families with this type of breast cancer. We have been successful in all cases in correcting a defective immune response which these patients have that prevents them from completely eliminating their cancer. We will be forever in debt to Uschi and Pennies in Action but she needs the assistance of all so that others may continue to enjoy their tomorrows with their families and loved ones. This holiday season help us to help them. Donate to Pennies in Action your donation goes directly to treating patients with breast cancer. Not only that as funds increase we can help those with melanoma, colon cancer, lung cancer, brain tumors, pancreatic cancer and prostate cancer based on the oncogene drivers that are common to all these different cancers. We wish you the very best holiday season and blessings to you and your family. We thank you for supporting our research and Pennies in Action. On behalf of the patients on these trials..
Thank you
Brian J Czerniecki, M.D., Ph.D
Rena Rowan Breast Center Program Director
Surgical Oncology Co-Director
Harrington/Rhoades Professor of Surgery
UPENN Breast Fellowship

And the whole research team