Sunday, March 28, 2010

We have come a long way Baby....

On Wednesday march 31st 8;30 p.m to 9 p.m Eastern standard time we will have our first Tele -bridge conference call about breast cancer vaccine. I am so excited....
Shelley Dodt ( a participant in the Dr. Czerniecki’s trial) and myself a 2 x cancer survivor will talk and take questions about cancer from a patients perspective.
Helena Nyman an international renowned executive coach and philanthropist will be the moderator.
Think up some questions and register. ( you will automaticially get the pin # after you register). I cannot wait to talk to you. We need every bodies help and input if we want to win this battle.!!!!
The link is:

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Way to go Corey...

My grandson Corey had his confirmation this week. He needed to chose his confirmation name .

He chose as his name Maurice.

I asked him; “ why Maurice”

He said : “You know Omi Maurice is the patron Saint of the soldiers and many of them need a lot of prayers”.

I was truly touched by this, and very proud of him, especially since our soldiers are another cause that is close to my heart.

Monday, March 15, 2010

2nd Annual "Vanity for Charity" outing...

Wednesday we had our 2nd annual “Vanity for charity” outing to Saks fifth Avenue.
10 of us went for a make-up makeover from Chanel.
We raised $ 825 . with 100% going to breast cancer vaccine research.
We all loved the evening. Which shows, helping to fight cancer can be so much fun…..
There are endless ways to raise FUNds try it you will like it!!!!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

SOS please help to get the message out !!!!!!

Today I talked to a friend who I had not seen since last summer.
In the meantime she was diagnosed with breast cancer ( DCIS . ductal carcinoma in situ) and had a double mastectomy 6 months ago.
This is the 2nd friend of mine this year who did not know that there are other options, like the vaccine trial etc. for DCIS.
Lots of doctors are not aware of the fact, that there are new options and that this form of breast cancer is isolated from other types. It is patients beware. Please get second opinions and educate yourself on the web about what is out there.
As soon as we can get the funding together trials will start also for brain cancer, melanoma, ovarian and pancreatic cancers… using the ICAIT ( immune conditioning activated innate transfer with dentritic cells) in lay mans terms called vaccine to prevent and treat cancer...

Please check

If diagnosed with cancer please give yourself, a loved one or friend the knowledge of all the options and the best possible chance of survival by making an educated choice !!!!!!!!