Friday, July 8, 2011

This is scary .........

This is a letter I received today from one of the vaccine recipients.She is allowing me to post it here, because it is important info.....


Hi Uschi,
There is not a day that goes by that I don't realize how fortunate and blessed I have been to have Dr. Czerniecki as a surgeon but also to have qualified for the vaccine.
Wednesday I ran into a friend of mine at the food store whom I have not seen for awhile.
She relayed to me that she was diagnosed with breast cancer in March. I asked her what was driving her cancer. She had no idea - not one of her doctors told her what caused the cancer! She was not aware that different elements could cause the cancer. We must have talked for nearly an hour. I gave her one of the brochures.
She had her surgery done at Princeton Medical Center.
Now get this - they told her after she had CAT scans, PET scans etc that there was what looked like a possible tumor on her liver but they think it is not cancer. How can they make a statement like this without doing a biopsy?
She also has not had any GYN yearly's since her last child was born [her one daughter used to babysit for me and is a nurse! This daughter worked for the Princeton medical center for 25 years and now works at Bristol-Myers Squibb.] We are talking intelligent people here but they are really in the dark about comprehensive care.
This same medical center told another friend of mine who had a suspicious lump, that 3 radiologists could not agree upon, to come back in another three months and then get reassessed!
What is the harm in seeking a second opinion? If I was told I had a tumor on my liver, I would not leave until it was biopsied and an evaluation given. "think" is not a diagnosis!
Yearly exams are so basic - a very small price to pay if it saves your life.
In the same conversation I was told that my daughter, Holly's ex-mother-in-law, who does not get mammographies, rolled over in bed and felt a mass. Stewed around about it for a couple of weeks until her son forced her to admit what was wrong, called his sister to get her to a doctor. Her lymph was also invaded with cancer. [Diagnosed stage 3]. We are talking a woman who was a college professor, former mayor of my old township and her husband was president of New Jersey Manufacturers Insurance Company for years and even started a bank there, is resposible for starting New Jersey RE-Insurance so people at the Jersey Shore can get flood insurance etc.
All I can do is shake my head and count my blessings!

Karen H. Berner
Breast Cancer Vaccine Recipient
Support Cancer Vaccine Research

Sunday, July 3, 2011

this is Blake Chapman who wrote the letter...

I applaud the initiative of this young man.....

One of the hockey players of TEAM MASS 96 took the initiative to help

Pennies in Action by writing a letter to the contacts in his families address book.

Thru his initiative we received so far $ 1710

Some of his team mates followed suit and we got another $ 575

On top of that the team raised another $ 564.05 which brings their total this year to $ 2834.05

I have always said it is our youth that will make sure we succeed. !!!!!!!!

It is time that we start listening more to their voices.

Thanks guys you are amazing……


This is the original letter:

Dear Friends and Family,

This summer I am very fortunate to be able to combine my passion, hockey with my community service project, Pennies In Action.

German Olympic Skater and Olympic Coach Uschi Keszler founded PIA. Uschi is a breast and uterine cancer survivor.

As an elite athlete, Uschi was aware of the power and resiliency of the human body. So when she decided to help find a way to beat cancer, she knew that she could not support something that would destroy the body in order to heal it. Finding out that her surgeon Dr. Brian Czernieck was already in clinical trials of a vaccine that utilizes the patient’s own immune system to fight breast cancer. She knew she had found her first project. This is the only trial of its kind in the world that has shown such promise towards a CURE for cancer.

My hockey team, Mass One Elite will be traveling to Pennsylvania on June 29 - July 3, to play in the Philly AAA International.

There we will present Uschi Keszler and Dr. Czerniecki with the money my teammates and I have risen.

On Aug 7th, we hope to travel to Prague, Czech Republic to play in the Czech Challenge.

I'm very fortunate to be a part of this team and it's commitment in the fight against cancer.

My goal is $2,000.00. I would be very grateful for any contribution you can make.

Please go to

Click on donate, at Dr. Czerniecki's research section. After you have made a donation,

Your confirmation page will appear. Please click on "My gift is in honor of" and input


Have a great summer and see you at the rink!