Sunday, August 22, 2010

Do not look away TODAY... it could aready affect you TOMORROW

Do not look away today….. it already could affect you tomorrow…

I am so excited about the outpouring of help and support for the cause on cancer research…

Tanja Szewczenko said it beaufifully “schau Heute nicht weg…denn es koennte dich MORGEN schon betreffen” ( do not look away today … it could already affect you tomorrow…)

Do not rely on your Doctor alone but take an active role yourself in finding out about the most recent advances in the field…

We have now a monthly bridge call where we talk about new advances. To sign up for the next one on August 25th 8:30 pm EST

Go to You can bring up new ideas , tell your story , tell about your successes and concerns….

Dr. Czerniecki seems to be on top of all the things that are being done nationally. His research turned out not just to be a prevention but also a treatment and addition to conventional treatment.

When you or anybody you know is diagnosed with breast cancer check out this additional option. E-mail me and I will get you in touch with people that have gone thru the trial …

The problem with cancer research seems to be that everybody is working on their own thing and there is no major plan.

Right now we are seeing that this research is growing from DCIS to invasive breast cancer, Melanoma, pancreatic and also in the near future into brain cancer. Finally there is an approach that has a follow thru that will benefit us the patients….

Please help, what do we have to loose but we have sooooo much to gain.

This is again “ a small step for man and will become a giant step for mankind….

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Saturday, August 7, 2010

New Hope on the Horizon .....

Through the work of Pennies in Action (volunteers, radio, TV,
blogs, website etc)... lots of people have heard and inquired about
Dr. Czerniecki's dendritic cell vaccine trial. Many are afflicted by
different types of invasive breast cancers and do not fit into this
particular trial for DCIS HER2/neu. Dr. Czerniecki was touched
over the outpouring of interest in his research...

In cooperation with experts from other major hospitals he is now
planning to extend this for patients with invasive breast cancer and
also for triple negative group with metastatic breast cancer. This will
cost $6.5 million. Grant proposals are in place but it will take time....

The trials could start now if the funding were in place. Time is of the
essence for all the patients that are afflicted with this horrible disease NOW !!!!!!!!

Please help us save millions of lives for years to come. One of them
could be yours or a loved one's.
You can donate by going to