Sunday, June 20, 2010

Another amazing crusader for the cause

This girl is a whipper snapper!

SATURDAY, JUNE 19, 2010 12:50 AM, EDT
Last Friday, the 11th, I was unloading the dishwasher and thinking to myself how 42 year old news anchor Kristin Hoke from WPTV channel 25 was doing battle with breast cancer for the second time. Then I thought if she could do this a second time, that really encouraged me on my own health journey. Then the very next day I found out Kristin had passed away. I understand her story is not my story. However, I did need a couple of days to process and mourn her death. Did I mention she left behind a 3 year old daughter? I dealt with my sadness asking God to help me with my emotions. After those couple of days it turned into that righteous anger that helps you take action. I went running in the middle of the day two days in a row just like I used to when I was training for a marathon. I went to the rink and skated for an hour last Wednesday too.

While I was running, I began to think, what if Kristin Hoke was eligible for the work being done by Pennies in Action for the Breast Cancer Vaccine from Dr. Czerniecki? You see the big problem with breast cancer is the recurrence factor as you may have seen in other victims. The great news is Dr. Czerniecki's vaccine trial has been 100% effective in wiping out the breast cancer of its eligible patients! I knew I wanted to help Pennies in Action along with being hopeful to participate in his next trial that includes my cancer diagnosis. Kristin Hoke provided the fuel to encourage me to do my part to see that this 3 year old little girl's mom didn't die in vain, helping other women realize the wonderful outcome of this vaccine. You see Dr. Czerneicki activates the patient's own immune system antibodies to go after the harmful protein Her2neu so the woman's body is trained to go after that harmful cell if this cancer tries to come back. So you can see the enormous benefit here of using our own bodies to fight the cancer!

So this past week we jumped in and for starters MacKenzie set up a snack stand to the passing golfers from our backyard raising awareness and some funds for Pennies in Action. That is her in the picture included in this journal entry. That same day we teamed up with Dolly Duke-Maggio, Melanie Silkworth, and Jaci Walls. Dolly runs the figure skating program at SkateZone, Melanie is an awesome business woman who cares about serving people, and Jaci is a marketing guru with clients from AT&T to companies launching patent pending products. Dolly took notes and went back to the rink to put together a summer ice skating show fundraiser for Pennies in Action on August 7th. Other volunteers have joined us already like Taylor Billington, Samantha de Lasky, Helena Castilla, Karen Cresswell, Lina Hurley, and Cindy Gildersleeve.

There is lots to do and only a few weeks to do it. Jaci is taking calls for more volunteers at 561-649-6674 and Helena will be accepting calls or emails for silent auction donation items at 561-718-2208 or

Dolly is also putting together an hour of ice time before the show to allow children and their chaperon (if needed) to "Skate With The Stars". Dolly and the Hockey Department are working on the list of those "Stars" with former Olympians and World competitors as well as some hockey players too! Please pray with us for those "Stars" to be open to the mission and available to be here for the show to attract a big crowd. We also need good favor from the media for great promotion and coverage of the event. Time is short and the prayers are big!

Just imagine a world where their is no more breast cancer for the next generation. Kristin Hoke was a second generation breast cancer patient. Wouldn't it be great to be a part of seeing her daughter get a vaccine that insured she would not be the third? If you want to get involved and do your part contact Jaci at 561-649-6674, even if you are far away, you are welcome to go to and make a donation on our behalf.

Thank you for continuing with me on my health journey...which of late appears to be turning into a health mission ;-)

the writer of this blog is Melissa Nichol ( girl in the pink cap with her daughter McKenzie to her left) Thanks you so much Melissa for all you do for the cause....

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Another wonderful donation by caring people....

Dear Uschi,
I know you deal with many people at the Ice Rink and via Pennies in Action so as a reminder I belong to a horseshoe club and we had our Memorial Day tournament. So far they have donated $167.00. Not everyone was there and some forgot their coin jars at home so they will give in the future. If you are still recording persons or groups that donate please use E.C.G.C. as the donor. It stands for East Coast Gold Cup. It is a fun loving but serious horseshoe playing private club in central PA. We have been hit very hard by cancer in the club. Currently one member has brain cancer and the other has breast cancer. We have lost others recently.
Should I write a check to you or Pennies in Action or give you the cash?

Thank you all so much for helping THE CRUSADE. As you saw on CBS last night , the money is going into a successful venture which is bringing us closer to victory every day…..
We the people, for the people , thru the caring and actions of people….

Friday, June 4, 2010


I am so excited to hear all the press on breast cancer vaccines. Finally we are getting ready to wrap our head around the idea that the way to deal with cancer is treating it like an infection.
That has been Dr. Czerniecki’s idea from the beginning. It made so much sense to me when I heard it. As such Pennies in Action came into being.
The results in mice have got us all excited. Well the research at University of Pennsylvania under the leadership of Dr. Czerniecki MD, PHD has been in Human trial for more than 6 years and is now in phase II with amazing results.
It also promises to have lager and wider implications down the line.
In the meantime let everybody know about the trial so anybody diagnosed with DCIS HER2/neu should check into it as a very promising and viable option.
For info go on
As soon as the funding is secured the trial for invasive breast cancer will start…
Please help to make this come true asap by donating to the cause…
After seeing the amazing results in this clinical trial I cannot wait to get my vaccine, but I like so many women have to wait for the new trial since I had invasive breast cancer…..(I did not qualify for the previous trials . I was not as lucky as my friend Shelley Dodt, who had 6 shots in 6 weeks and her cancer was gone as a participant in the phase II trial at the University of Penn for DCIS HER2/neu)

Donating is easy by clicking on the widget on the right side of this page. You can use paypal or any major credit card. Thank you so much and god bless. No one in my family ever had cancer and I had 2 kinds, so no one is save. We the people for the people need to get together and win this war of suffering...!!!!!