Sunday, October 24, 2010

Big thanks to the Flyers Organization

Yesterday the Flyers invited us again to display our message .

Pennies in Action currently raising funds and awareness for Dr. Czerniecki’s breast cancer vaccine research, which is in it’s 2nd phase of human trial at the University of Pennsylvania.

So far it has been very successful, but they need 50 more patients to participate in this free trial for DCIS HER2/neu. If you are diagnosed with DCIS please insist that they check if you are HER2/ neu positive, because it is not done routinely.

If you do that now , before you get any other treatment ,it will increase your chances to prevent recurrance. Afterwards you still have all the other options available to you...

For more info contact me at or 610 909 0428.

Friday, October 1, 2010


It is October which is breast cancer awareness month.

Please help getting the message out to women that are diagnosed with DCIS HER2/neu or recurrence of it.

It is an added option that uses your own immune system to fight the cancer.

You need to get the vaccine prior to surgery which still will be performed at the end of the 6 weeks. You still could get all the other conventional treatments afterwards. So far 100% of the patients had an immune response to this treatment. It should also catch cells that were deposited outside of the breast. It also gives added protection against recurrence….

They need 50 more patients. The sooner the trial is finished the faster it will be available to everyone.

Right now the trial itself is free. I wish I could take advantage of this, but my cancer was invasive and so I did not qualify for this particular trial…

The next one planned is for invasive and triple negative breast cancer, as soon as funding is in place.

If interested I can get you in touch with patients that have gone thru the trial in the last 6 years!!!!!!

Please help me to get rid of breast cancer ,so we can continue doing this for all the other cancers…..