Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mothers Day to All ...

The thing every woman needs and wants is a life without the threat of breast cancer….

I will not stop till the Mothers Day will come where this is the case.

I want to thank all the donors and volunteers that have joined us so far but please keep the tsunami growing!!!!

Right now we need patients to participate in the 2nd trial so we meet the FDA criteria and can make this vaccine available to all.

Invasive and hormone based breast cancer is next on the agenda .

Lets recruit all the women to join in this fight and push breast cancer over the edge and out of our lives forever!!!!!

Enjoy your day and god bless…

For more info got to

Friday, May 7, 2010

breast cancer patients needed

Breast Cancer Patients Wanted!
No more Mastectomies!
Helena Nyman
Speaker & Author

Uschi Kessler
Olympic Coach
2x Breast Cancer Survivor
Founder of Pennies in Action

Shelley Dodt
Director of Pennies in Action
Florida Chapter
Cancer Survivor
Immune Therapy Trial Patient

Dear Colleagues, Clients, Professionals, Parents, Athletes, Breast Cancer Patients, Breast Cancer Survivors and Friends;

We are looking for Breast cancer Patients that have been diagnosed with DCIS HER- 2/ NEU for the FREE Trial Vaccine at the University of Pennsylvania!

If you have been diagnosed, make sure you find out if you are HER - 2 - request this additional test from your doctor!

The vaccine has been successful in all cases, and there are some additional trial patients needed to prove the case.

For Penn Surgery, this evolving research, just entering Phase II, may be its most promising discovery yet.

It's NOT a drug - it uses your own immune response to fight and prevent breast cancer

It's a prevention of breast cancer and therapy for breast cancer patients

This treatment will be developed for invasive breast cancer as well!

To find out if you qualify for the FREE trial, please, contact Mrs. Uschi Keszler at: Uschi Keszler ;

About Dr. Brian Czerniecki:

Dr. Czerniecki holds an advanced degree in Immunology and is the Surgical Director of the Immunotherapy Program for the Abramson Cancer Center investigating the role of the immune system in the prevention and treatment of patients with breast cancer. He has been supported by the American Cancer Society, the Susan B Komen Foundation, and the National Cancer Institute to develop vaccines for the treatment of early breast cancer. There are currently ongoing clinical trials in these areas that Dr. Czerniecki has developed including the first vaccine for the treatment of patients with DCIS. This work is being developed for patients with invasive breast cancer as well. He has been recognized by the NCI as an expert in management of DCIS and has served on several NIH panels for developing recommendations for the treatment of DCIS.


Youtube Interview

A Randomized Trial of HER-2/neu Pulsed DC1 Vaccine for Patients with DCIS

Onco Link Interview with Dr. Czerniecki

post on face book

Casey Quinlan
Breast Cancer VACCINE! No, I’m NOT Kidding.
Cancer for Christmas: Making the Most of a Daunting Gift
Dr. Brian Czerniecki at the University of Pennsylvania has developed an immune-therapy treatment for ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS) HER-2/neu. Yes, kids, that’s a vaccine, as well as treatment for DCIS HER-2/neu. The immune-therapy/vaccine has been in limited trials at... UPenn since 2004. An Oncolink interview with Dr. Czerniecki about the first clinical trial is here. A second trial is still ongoing – if you or anyone you know has been diagnosed with DCIS HER-2/neu, visit this link to find out how they might participate in the trial. Here’s a video of Dr. Czerniecki talking about his work: The really exciting part of this isn’t just the possibility of ending HER-2/neu breast cancer. It’s that HER proteins are the bad guys in many types of aggressive cancer: ovarian, stomach, and uterine. Dr. Czerniecki and his team are working on immune therapy for hormone-positive breast cancer (the type I had), and I plan on being near the front of the line when it’s available. Czerniecki might be the Jonas Salk of the 21st century, partly because he doesn’t want to partner with drug companies to fund his FDA trial. The Pennies In Action website gives information on how to help fund the trial. Know any gazillionaires with a cancer history in their family? Ask them if a $1M investment (or more) would be worth it to them…
Published:6 May 2010, 6:57 am
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Shelley McAtee Dodt
Shelley McAtee Dodt
I know for sure it works! I was a trial participant! 6 wks, 6 shots and my cancer was gone! I had no side effects!
Yesterday at 3:13pm
Uschi Keszler
Uschi Keszler
do yourself a favor and find out about this. You never know when you or a loved one needs it....
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