Sunday, September 27, 2009

Pennies in Action goes global...

Thanks to the hope bus tour for coming to IceWorks in Aston Pa (
We had a family FUNd day , lots of kids came out . We had a ribbon cutting ceremony to launch Pennies in Action going global.
Tanith Belbin/Ben Agosto (USA), Oksana Domnina (Russia), Helena Nyman from the Hope Bus Tour ,and Jim McGinn from Aston Township helped me cut the ribbon.
Then Helena lit a torch and 12 other torches were lit from that one to signify the unity and outreach to each other to help others
The torches were lit by representatives from USA,Canada, Russia, Latvia, Germany and Switzerland to signify our global outreach.
My grandson Corey held a torch for all the young children that we hope will never have to deal with the horrors of cancer.
The Mchugh Irish dancing school, and Top gun Black Belt Academy gave great performances.
Kids loved the Flyers games and the moon bounce,the engine"63" from the Greenridge fire company and all the games that the committee had for them.
Pinnoccio’s donated the food and Coke the drinks.
Fun was had by all.
All this would have never happened if Kelsey Little ,one of our skaters would not have put a group on face book about pennies in Action. That is how the hope bus tour found out about us.
Thank you sooooooo much Kelsey…