Tuesday, February 3, 2009

European Figure Skating Championships 2009

I recently returned from Helsinki where the European Championships were held.
I was there with the Swiss dancers Leonie Krail and Oscar Peter. I was there to assist Natalia Linichuk.
I met up with many of my skating friends, which was wonderful. That is the great thing about skating, you always have something in common with old friends, no matter where life leads you...
I was very pleasantly surprised about the caliber of skating in the mens event and the top pairs.
On TV you do not get the speed. This year the emphasis of judging is on transitions and you really could see the difference in the top skaters. They actually use blade skills for transitions.
In the dance meeting we were told that the rule changes will be announced at Worlds and apparently there will be less elements required in the long programs. I hope that will also hold true for single skating. Right now, if you time all the elements requred in a program you have 3-11 seconds for communicating with an audience. ( I timed it...) This might explain why skaters now are not doing it.
If we want an audience to stay and watch, we better leave time for acknowledging that they are there.
I do have the feeling, that things are moving in the right direction. I came back from Helsinki very inspired and happy to go back onto the ice and continue my teaching...

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