Sunday, February 22, 2009

Cancer Victims unite...!!!

There are 12,000 000 cancer survivors in the United States alone , add their loved ones then take this # by 5 you have 60,000 000. Add the ones that are presently afflicted are high risk or succumbed and all the loved ones that will be affected by their suffering and the # is staggering.

When JFK announced we will be on the moon in 10 years, he started a national targeted program at NASA, that did not tire or stop until we reached that goal and far beyond. We got there quite a bit sooner than expected.

In the next 4 years they estimate there to be 2X as many cancer cases as there are now. Actually they estimate now that 1 out of 2 (50%) of men and 1 out of 3 (33.3%) of women will get cancer in their life time. Imagine the staggering number and the immense suffering…

With technology in place, we can start immediately with the targeted research and development plan . I know there is much done already, but we all need to pull together follow a common plan.

We must unite now, so we will have a loud voice.

It took 69 456 897 popular votes to get to bring about the biggest change in american history. So let's unite and we can beat that number and bring our cause to the fore front.

We must be heard before all the monies of the stimulus package are given out.

If we lower cancer mortality by only 1% it will bring $500 Billion back into the economy


* stop the suffering

* help the economy

* create euphoria and extreme hope amongst the population

I started a group on facebook “cancer victims unite…!!!")

Please mobilize everybody to join. We have no time to lose.!!

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