Friday, February 27, 2009

Oh no Omi...

When my grandson Corey was 2 years old I drove back with him and his 3month old brother from the Jersey Shore. They sat in the back in their car seats as I was driving. On the Atlantic City expressway Corey started:

“Omi do you hear this?” I said “yes , honey ,they are crickets” he replied:”Oh no Omi they are locusts. I said “they rub their legs together to make that noise”

To that he replied:” Oh no Omi, they rub their wings together.”

When we got home I checked in the encyclopedia and by gosh he was right.

It is quite sobering when you are shown up intellectually by a 2 year old…

Needless to say I am extremely proud of my grandson even though my ego got a bit bruised.

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  1. Kids are always great to point out the little details that we've forgotten!