Saturday, February 28, 2009

focus on the positive...

I was thinking the other day.
We are so depressed because things are going backwards. That is all we are thinking about. But it is still better than some years ago. Instead of looking how many people do have a job, we focus on how many do not have one.
Because of that we are so depressed and plus the panic that was telecast by the media, we all stopped buying things at once and started the immediate downspin...
Focus on the positive and grow that. Then the moral is up and we will find ways to solve our problems. All you hear about is how bad things are. The same numbers would have caused joy a few years ago. It is impossible for things to keep going up, but we are on such a negative approach that we all infect each other with this.
In skating it seems to be the same thing.
When someone makes one or two mistakes, which is a small percentage of the total, the skater’s self-confidence bottoms out.
If you concentrate on what you do well and try to match the rest, you would feel good about yourself and in a short period of time would solve the rest. When something goes wrong , it all of a sudden encompasses our whole world. We are so programmed to see what is wrong and not what is right. It is so sad, because we are missing so much.
We always concentrate what we do not have, instead of counting our blessings to what we have.
I wonder if the Universe is trying to teach us a lesson. We need to find out what is really important in life.
As my dad always said,” you need to be content with what you have and where you are and then try to get some more.”
To be satisfied is happiness, but it seems we do not seem to achieve that ever.
I got a great e-mail today about a story in Washington where a world famous violinist played in the subway for 45 Min., on a violin worth $3,5million, .Everybody raced by and hardly noticed, Some small children were interested , but were rushed off by their parents. What else are we missing in our race thru life?
We need to listen more to our children and take time to smell the roses…

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  1. We miss a lot by rushing through life. It's the little things that create happiness, and they're so often completely overlooked. I am sure that everyone would be happier, and more relaxed if they just enjoyed the simple pleasures life gives us.