Sunday, June 14, 2009

New found Hope for my friend....

I have met many wonderful people thru my fundraising efforts. I am raising funds and awareness for breast cancer vaccine research headed by Dr. Brian Czerniecki at the University of Pennsylvania.
I always have a table up at our rink ( IceWorks) which gives info on the cause. You can get more info at
Well 6 months ago a gentleman came to my table put some change in my container and said:
“thank you so much for what you are doing for the cause I am also working at Penn”
I met him again a month ago since his son plays hockey at our rink. We talked and it turned out he is the head radiation oncologist for head and neck cancer at Penn. He gave me a tour of the new Proton Unit at Penn which is unbelievable.
2 weeks ago I got a call from a friend of mine who is suffering with 2 types of cancer and the treatment he received is not helping. I talked to Dr. Quon and subsequently his family talked to him and it turned out this is his special field of treatment.
To make a long story short He met with him Monday and Dr. Quon gave 3hours !!! of his time examining and putting a team together for his treatment. You could see how my friend gained strength during the appointment by seeing the care and effort for him.
He walked out of the hospital with new found hope and so did his family.
With Dr. Czerniecki and Dr. Quon I have found 2 doctors on the top of their field that are extremely caring about the lives of their patients. Thank you on behalf of all your patients….
Please keep my friend in your prayers…..

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