Tuesday, June 23, 2009

ICEWORKS a global melting pot for skaters...

It has been really exciting what has happened at our rink. Since Olympic Champions Natalia Linichuk and Gennadiy Karponosov are teaching here, we are having people train with us from all over the world. It is so interesting to watch the preparation for Olympics having Tanith and Ben, and Oksana and Maxim training on the same ice …
Right now we have Skaters and coaches from:
America, Canada, China, Korea, Switzerland, Ukraine, Russia, Japan, Slovenia , Israel, France, Germany and others are scheduled to come.
For the next two weeks we have a huge hockey tournament with participants from:
America, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Canada, Italy, Denmark and Ukraine
And middle of July we have the “Liberty Competition” which is one of the largest figure skating competitions in the world( last year we had 1800 starts!!!)
It is so rewarding for me to see all the friendships that are being started. I benefited from my international skating experiences with having made friends for a life time.
Great skating, great friendships and lots of fun…
Truly a dream come true!!!


  1. Great to have a hockey tournament in summer. When I was a student at Mannheim University I was an ardent supporter of MERC (today Adler Mannheim), think it was your club as well, wasn't it? Ice hockey has become a fringe sport in Germany, I'm afraid. There are not many German players in the first league. But I still watch the matches of the National Team on TV.

  2. How come yo gave up your blog. I enjoyed reading it. Yes MERC was my club. I am born in Mannheim...

  3. Last weekend I moved, didn't have internet for some time. I'm thinking of reactivating my blog now.

  4. Could not retrieve my old blog. New blog: www.captainjacksopenoffice.blogspot.com