Sunday, May 3, 2009

So many thoughts...

Ever since I got involved a year ago in my foundation “Pennies in ActionTM”
I have been waking up many a night so excited about new ideas and thoughts.
The funny thing is, when your creative juices are flowing they do not stay limited to one area of your life.
It has been so interesting to me how this has affected every part of my life.
I have always been goal oriented with very big goals in my sport of figure skating. I have reached many of them …
As you get older you start wondering “Is that all there is?...” When you do something all your life it is very difficult to keep up a high excitement level indefinitely.
After 2 bouts with cancer this new mission is a perfect match for me.
But to my great surprise after 1 year of this charity work for cancer vaccine research the excitement and joy and sense of accomplishment I feel from doing this work has totally reached over into all of my life.
I again love teaching skating more than ever. I am more creative than I ever was…


  1. It’s one of those strange things in my life that the older I get the more ideas I have how to keep myself motivated to do things I never did before. Most of my friends undergo the same experience. A very close friend of mine changed her life completely after she had overcome breast cancer and she’s now “suffering” from "fits of creativity". Sometimes a serious crisis in one’s life can show us options we never thought of, if I may say so. When an accident finished my promising career as an athlete, I needed quite a long time to readjust my dreams, and after all these years I’m pretty sure that even this can be considered as a gift which helped me to find my way.

  2. Well, I almost forgot. It was such a long time ago. I was a middle distance runner.

  3. I was "Pfalzmeisterin im Hochsprung" und Deutsche Meisterin im Eiskunstlaufen.

  4. Didn't know about the high jump, but I remember watching you figure skating on TV (Innsbruck?)I was a fan of the ice dancers Romanova/Roman in the early sixties.

  5. Oh wow. Pavel Roman was a good friend of mine. It was so sad when he got killed.

  6. Car crash, wsn't it? I'm very sorry, didn't want to awake sad memories. - I've been a surfer on the web for so many years now, and it's really the first time that I'm following a blog. In some strange way this experience made me create my own blog, and I really wonder what it will do to me, if you know what I mean.