Friday, July 8, 2011

This is scary .........

This is a letter I received today from one of the vaccine recipients.She is allowing me to post it here, because it is important info.....


Hi Uschi,
There is not a day that goes by that I don't realize how fortunate and blessed I have been to have Dr. Czerniecki as a surgeon but also to have qualified for the vaccine.
Wednesday I ran into a friend of mine at the food store whom I have not seen for awhile.
She relayed to me that she was diagnosed with breast cancer in March. I asked her what was driving her cancer. She had no idea - not one of her doctors told her what caused the cancer! She was not aware that different elements could cause the cancer. We must have talked for nearly an hour. I gave her one of the brochures.
She had her surgery done at Princeton Medical Center.
Now get this - they told her after she had CAT scans, PET scans etc that there was what looked like a possible tumor on her liver but they think it is not cancer. How can they make a statement like this without doing a biopsy?
She also has not had any GYN yearly's since her last child was born [her one daughter used to babysit for me and is a nurse! This daughter worked for the Princeton medical center for 25 years and now works at Bristol-Myers Squibb.] We are talking intelligent people here but they are really in the dark about comprehensive care.
This same medical center told another friend of mine who had a suspicious lump, that 3 radiologists could not agree upon, to come back in another three months and then get reassessed!
What is the harm in seeking a second opinion? If I was told I had a tumor on my liver, I would not leave until it was biopsied and an evaluation given. "think" is not a diagnosis!
Yearly exams are so basic - a very small price to pay if it saves your life.
In the same conversation I was told that my daughter, Holly's ex-mother-in-law, who does not get mammographies, rolled over in bed and felt a mass. Stewed around about it for a couple of weeks until her son forced her to admit what was wrong, called his sister to get her to a doctor. Her lymph was also invaded with cancer. [Diagnosed stage 3]. We are talking a woman who was a college professor, former mayor of my old township and her husband was president of New Jersey Manufacturers Insurance Company for years and even started a bank there, is resposible for starting New Jersey RE-Insurance so people at the Jersey Shore can get flood insurance etc.
All I can do is shake my head and count my blessings!

Karen H. Berner
Breast Cancer Vaccine Recipient
Support Cancer Vaccine Research

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