Sunday, June 19, 2011


Recently Melissa and I went for her check up after all her treatment for breast cancer .
she had had Chemo, mastectomy with reconstruction ,6 weeks of radiation and 1 year of Herceptin....
After a clear mammogram on her other breast we were elated.
Now on the mastectomy side there is no mammogram ultrasound or MRI because it would not detect properly, because of all the scar tissue etc.
So the only thing they can do is check by exam and ask how you feel.
Needless to say we were stunned... When we were diagnosed the first time we had no symptoms, so by the time we will have symptoms the second time it will be much further advanced.
This vaccine will give us a natural surveillance system that could detect and eliminate problems long before we or the medical community would or could know ....
Right now it is available for HER 2/neu But they are working on it for the other cancers.
Please watch the video where the doctors are talking about this research.

WE NEED THE FUNDING so please help, every penny counts...

There are 11 000 000 cancer survivors in the US alone. It is imperative for our survival that we get this natural surveillance system .
No one is save !!!!!!
No one in my family ever had cancer and I was hit 2X........

watch these 2 videos:
"Discover A cure within" (the science version)

" A cure within"



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