Thursday, October 8, 2009

On the Beauty of skating...

Many people take physics classes but few are physicists.

Many take music lessons but few become musicians etc

In the same way , many are taking skating lessons and few become skaters…

We are not born to swim and we are not born to skate, but as humans we can adapt to pretty much anything. But adapting needs training.

When we walk we are vertical, when you swim you have to learn to be horizontal in the water and when you skate you have to be in a natural lean towards the ice.

One of the basics of Hydro-Blading TM is to take the fear out of leaning.

The true beauty of skating emerges when the blade is being played like an instrument (violin, guitar etc) instead of being used merely to transport the skater from point A to point B. It is now 18 years that figures have been eliminated from our sport and I can tell you from experience, it is very difficult to get the level of skill needed to create poetry in motion, with the grammar having been eliminated so long ago. Along with having exercise and movement education almost eliminated in the school system it has created a great challenge to produce that high level of skill.

Oh well, I always loved a challenge…

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