Friday, July 24, 2009

Positive self talk. Become your own best friend...

All my life I worked on becoming the person who I want as my best friend.(It is still a work in progress…)
The most important part of this is the self talk that we engage in.
This is so important in everything we do. In my teaching skating I see that all the time.
There is a difference between being hard on yourself or annilating yourself . Sometimes I would love to give them a baseball bat , so they can get the self destruction over with faster…
There is such fun and joy in learning and the progress is so exhilarating if we give ourselves encouragement and a pat on the back along the way. We always look for that in others to do for us, but we do not realize the power we have within ourselves.
Be aware of the self talk you have. Ultimately you measure up to how you see yourself. Make sure the journey is enjoyable for you and everyone around you…
Try it, you might really like it.

1 comment:

  1. I really empathize with you about the baseball bat.

    There were five or six situations in my life, when things became reality because I had visualized them before. I had seen myself achieving my goal and reality followed my imagination. In most people this ability of ours lies idle. I see one of my life tasks in helping people to develop it. Sounds like you’re working on the same project.