Tuesday, July 28, 2009

On Spirituality...

It is amazing to me how many children are being brought up without the believe in a supreme being.
It does not matter what your religion is , but the common ground is the believe that there is a force greater than ourselves.
When I was brought up I knew that there was the almighty god that saw and knew everything, that you could not hide from this supreme being, that you were accountable to. It definitely kept me and my friends from getting into all kinds of trouble.
Today too many children are trying to get good at not getting caught. The emphasis is not any more on being good and accountable but on being smart enough not to get caught.
Children are very impressionable and need to have the fear of god in them to learn the difference between good and bad in a black and white way…
I feel very bad for all the children that do not get this start in life. The schools used to take over where the home life did not. But sadly this has now been eliminated in our public schools!!!
In our formative years we are not capable of dealing in grey. So lets give our children a chance to get a good start…


  1. Good point you made! Most of my moral standards I got from my grandmother, who was a straightforward Bavarian woman, born in Munich in 1898 as an illegitimate child of a maidservant. She had a strong believe in God and in justice. Above all she taught me how important it is to be able to walk tall.

    Unfortunately my view of life got confused pretty early by some men of the church who in some strange way showed me that sometimes it might be useful to not live up to your moral feeling. Of course, I don't know whether your perception was like mine - we were members of the same parish and pupils at the same elementary school - I always had the impression that - with only a few exceptions - those men of the church led me away from that force, god, superior being, principle or whatever we may call it.

    Today I know how fragile a child's world and believe are and how immense the parents' responsibility is. I hope I haven't failed as far as my two sons are concerned.

  2. I always like your take on things. I know the fear of god has been abused by many for their advantage. But in the longrun it did give us a concence...

  3. I do hope your last statement is true!

  4. There will always be some people where there might be no help, but I think in the majority this seems to be true. I do believe in the goodness of people. I cannot imagine anybody doing horrible things like rape and murder and yet every day it is on TV.But I guess as long as these things are news we are still ok.