Monday, March 2, 2009

alignment in skating to prevent injury

In Skating we have had lately a lot more injuries than ever.
Since we do not do figures anymore I feel the correct body alignment in relation to the edge is not as good as it used to be. We use a lot of forced edges and lean in order to control the blade, which puts undue stress onto the joints.
Thru figures we used to learn the art of gliding. Thru proper understanding of gliding and the law of physics involved, skating becomes most of the time low impact, because thru the correct suspension all the impact gets transferred over the whole body. But with all the forcing of the blade and lack of suspension it has become for the most part ,high impact. The body cannot endure this kind of abuse over the long haul. We are seeing more knee, back and hip injuries (abuse injuries) than ever.
We in the skating community have to get together to come up with a way to re -introduce proper alignment.
Figures I am sure will not come back, but we need to come up with something that will solve the problem .


  1. Hi Uschi, Love this idea as edges can be sensensitive, soft, gentle and kind. Yes; figures did help, and some of us are able to sense edges without friction and feel the ice easier with suspension. Let me know what you think. Hope you can read this comment as I am trying hard, and we must thank Wayne for being so patient helping this blind soul learn these complicated blogging inventions. Love, Stash

  2. Stash, thanks for your comment and please keep them coming, you know how much I value your opinion. Please say thanks to Wayne.
    Love uschi