Thursday, December 31, 2009

Please Help !!!!!

As you know I am involved in raising funds for breast cancer vaccine research. For more info go to
Which by the way has now expanded to ovarian cancer vaccine research at Penn.
If you or anybody you know gets diagnosed with DCIS with over expressed HER2/neu please tell them about the option of the vaccine /treatment
I am so upset. A friend of the family was diagnosed in march with having breast cancer again after 20 years. I heard about it after she had surgery , and had started chemo and radiation.
Christmas eve I saw her and found out she had DCIS with HER2/neu.
Which means she would have been eligible for the trial…!!!
She wants to see Dr. Czerniecki now after the fact. We, women and men, need to know our options. The doctors do not tell us all, we need to help each other and inform each other about what is out there.
I cannot stress it enough. By next year an estimated 1, 000 000 people will have been diagnosed with DCIS.
Please tell your friends to get the message out. The first 3 patients in the new trial have had amazing success. Do not keep this option from your friends and loved ones!!!
I know I am pushy about this fact, but in the case of our friend I should have been a lot pushier so she would have known…
I wish you all a happy, healthy and prosperous new year and please help to get us all closer to wiping out the threat of cancer!!!!!


  1. Wishing you, your famliy and your project a peaceful and successful 2010!

  2. Thank you so much. The same to you. I am now ready to really take it on, after getting my final approval from the IRS.
    We are already planning quite a few things to fundraise in the New Year...

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