Sunday, December 21, 2008

curing the economy by curing cancer

A while ago I saw interesting info by The National Bureau of Economic Research - 
" The Value of Health and Longevity" by Kevin Murphy and Robert Topel.

If we lower cancer deaths by only 1% we will bring 500 Billion Dollars into the economy.
If we cure cancer it would be 50 Trillion dollars!!!

Just imagine curing the economic crisis by stopping so much human suffering and helping so many people. What a concept...

But as we all Know you have to spend money to make money. Without all of us chipping in the necessary research will not be possible.

If 15,000,000 people (5% of the american population) would give just 1 penny a month it would amount to 1.5 million dollars or 1776 miles of pennies, and pay for one round of research.

Thank you for your time, have wonderful holidays.

Please check and I am looking forward to your comments.

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